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LAYC Career Academy

Address: 3224 16th Street, NW Washington, DC 20009

Phone: (202) 319-2228


Details: The LAYC Career Academy is an innovative school that provides students with college courses, career preparation in the healthcare and information technology fields, and a rigorous and flexible GED​ program. ​Through a…

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Job Placement Program

Address: 4713 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC 20016

Phone: (202) 364-1419


Details: an innovative job placement program utilizing the Friendship Place network of consumers, staff and volunteers to connect with potential employers and create jobs. You can expect:

  • career assessment

  • personal coaching

  • job preparation workshops

  • resume writing

  • basic computer skills…

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Advocate for Justice and Education, Inc. (AJE)

Address: 25 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20001

Phone: (202) 678-8062


Details: AJE’s mission is to educate parents, youth and the community about the laws governing public education, specifically for children with special needs. AJE works collaboratively with D.C. groups and agencies to provide…

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Job Preparation & Career Services, Education & Skill Building, Hotel & Hospitality Certificate Course, GED Preparation

Addres: 2303 14th Street NW Suite 100 Washington, DC 20009

Phone: (202) 626-0700


Details: Free day, evening, and distance learning classes. Improve computer skills, master interview techniques, prepare a stand out resume & cover letter. Space is limited

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Mt Sinai Baptist Church

Address: 1615 3rd Street NW Washington, D.C.

Phone Number: (571) 276-0401


Details: Offers free teen parenting classes,

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Conflict Resolution Certification Training

Please make your reservation early if you are interested in participating in these life changing workshops.  All of the details and contact information are provided the flyers.

Spread the word, seats are limited!

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La Cocina VA

Address:  1500 N Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22207

Phone: (202) 316-5614


Details: Provides culinary job training, English language classes, career readiness and job placement assistance.

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A Wider Circle

Mailing Address: 4808 Moorland Lane – Suite 802, Bethesda, MD 20814

Center for Community Service: 9159 Brookville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: (301) 608-3504

Fax: (301) 608-3508

Donation drop-off hours:  Monday through Saturday 9 am – 6 pm; Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm



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The Campbell Center

Address: 1231-B Good Hope Road SE, Washington, DC 20020

Phone: (202) 241-7316



Details: A peer-run resource center for individuals living with mental health challenges.  Highly trained Peer Specialists use environmental approaches to provide participants with a full range of support through resources and referrals,…

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Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc. (AJE)

Address:  25 E Street NW, 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20001

Phone: (202) 678-8060

Toll Free: 1-888-327-8060


Details:  Provides programming to increase parental involvement in the education of children with special needs. Services include:  advocacy, parent training, parent support groups, parent information network (PIN), parent resource center…

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Just 4 Us Foundation

Address:  721 48th Street NE, Suite B, Washington, DC 20019

Phone: (202) 455-4371


Details:  Provides programming for children with special needs, at-risk youth, families and individual in the community. Services include: family reunification, housing support, youth development, cultural arts, homeless outreach and youth mental health first…

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Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind

Address:  1825 K Street NW, Suite 1103,  Washington, DC 20006

Phone: (202) 454-6400

Fax: (202) 955-6401


Details:  Since 1900, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind has been dedicated to helping people of all ages, who are blind or visually impaired in the greater Washington, DC region, remain…

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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Address (main office):  1761 Old Meadow Road, Suite 100, McLean VA, 22102

Phone: (703) 536-9000

Fax: (703) 448-3723

TTY: (703) 790-0582

CrisisLink Hotline: (800) 273-TALK



Details:  Provides skills training and supports so individuals living with mental illness, substance use disorders, mild intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum…

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DC Public Library

Address(Central Library):  901 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001 Please go on the website for a location near you.

Phone: (202)727-0321

TTY: (202) 727-2145


Details:  Provides DC residents with access to books and other forms of print and digital media; computers; training; adult literacy…

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Career Technical Institute

Address:  1101 Vermont Avenue NW, Washington, DC  20005

Phone: (202) 467-4223

Toll Free: 1-888-516-5339


Details:  Offers high quality career training programs in office administration, healthcare services and information technology.

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Emory Beacon of Light, Inc.

Address: 6203 Piney Branch Road, NW, Washington, DC 20011

Phone: (202) 829-5732

Fax: (202) 829-5739


General email:

Details:  A community outreach organization, providing services to small business as well as community residents.  Services include: transitional housing, food pantry, immigration services, business assistance program and…

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YWCA-National Capital Area

Address:  2303 14th Street, NW Suite 100, Washington, DC 20009

Phone: (202) 626-0700


Details:  Provides adult education and training; youth mentoring and development; health and wellness programs.

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Lice Happens

Phone: (443) 510-4480


Details: Provides community outreach to schools, daycare centers and other organizations to debunk the myths about lice and to aid in prevention and treatment of lice.

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Safe Takoma

Address:  6925 4th Street, NW , 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20012


Details:  A cross-jurisdictional  crime prevention program focused on the commercial and residential areas around Washington, DC’s Takoma Metro Station.  Program components include:  youth development, conflict resolution, peer mediation, community awareness and…

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Central Union Mission

Address:  65 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001

Office:  (202) 647-7466


Details:  Provides assistance to the homeless and poor. Services include:  shelter, food, summer camps for youth and adult education.

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Catholic Charities

Address:  924 G Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

Office:  (202) 722-4300


Details:  Provides a multitude of assistance programs for individuals across the DC Metropolitan area including:  food, medical and dental, employment readiness, adult education, emergency assistance, parenting support, shelter, housing and substance abuse.

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SOME (So Others Might Eat)

Address:  71 O Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

Office:  (202) 797-8806

Fax: (202) 265-3849


Details:  Provides a range of services for the homeless and poor in Washington, DC.  Services include:  food, clothing, showers, housing, job training, addiction treatment, counseling and other supports.

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Bread for the City

Address:  1525 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

Office: (202) 265-2400

Alternate location: 1640 Good Hope Road SE 20020

Alternate Phone: (202) 561-8587


Details:  Provides comprehensive services, including food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services.

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Green Door

Address:  1221 Taylor Street NW, Washington, DC 20011

Office:  (202) 464-9200


Details:  Provides comprehensive services to meet the needs of individuals with mental illness.  Services include:  psychiatry, medication monitoring,  case management,  education services, housing support and employment readiness.

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Latin American Youth Center

Address:  1419 Columbia Road  NW, Washington, DC 20009

Office:  (202) 319-2225

Fax: (202) 462-5696


Details:  Offers multi-service, comprehensive, and bilingual enrichment, prevention, and intervention programs and opportunities in education, workforce readiness, housing, community building, mental health services, arts, and healthy recreation.

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API Associates, Inc.

Address:  7826 Eastern Avenue NW, Suite LL18, Washington, DC 20012  (Located in the Terra Nova Building)

Office:  (202) 291-0912

Fax:  (202) 291-9680


Details:  Provides crisis management; drug and alcohol rehabilitation; parenting skills training; mentoring; behavioral management; educational support services;  and wrap-around intervention.

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Mary’s Center for Maternal and Child Care

Address:  3912 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20011

Office: (202) 483-8196


Details:  Family health/dental care, Social Services, HIV Testing, Mental Health, Home Visits, Nutrition Programs, Mama Baby Bus, Adolescent Health, Health Access Programs, Fatherhood support, Teen after-school program, Senior program, Family literacy, Child…

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Spanish Catholic Center

Address: 1618 Monroe Street NW, Washington, DC 20010

Office:  (202) 939-2400


Details:  Provides services within five separate areas: 1) medical and dental, 2) civic/immigration, 3) social services/case management and homelessness prevention (mental health counseling, women’s support groups, food provision, referrals to shelters and…

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Hillcrest Children’s Center

Address: 1244 Taylor Street NW, Washington, DC 20011

Office:  (202) 232-6100

Fax: (202) 483-4560

Website:  or

Details:  Provides primary prevention and mental health services including:  individual, group and family therapy; psychiatric evaluation; parent education; anger and stress management; youth substance abuse treatment…

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Andromeda Transcultural Health

Address:  1400 Decatur Street NW, Washington, DC 20011

Office:  (202) 291-4707


Details:  Provides medical and mental health services for low-income and/or immigrant population.  Counseling (individual, family and group), psychiatry, medication management, child psychiatry,  free HIV testing,  Project Orion medical mobile outreach, evaluation for…

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Kayla’s Village

Address:  3505 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20010

Office:  (301) 803-9768

Fax:  (301) 434-0463


Details:  Provides training to parents, professionals and the community around issues such as child welfare, developmental stages, behavioral issues, child abuse, etc.  Also facilitates support groups for breast cancer, families…

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Lutheran Social Services of the National Capitol Area

Address:  4400 Georgia Avenue NW,  Washington, DC 20011

Office:  (202) 723-3000

Fax:  (202) 723-33003


Details:  Adoption assistance; foster care placement; post adoption search; Youth Haven Camp; teen retreats; parent workshops

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