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LAYC Career Academy

Address: 3224 16th Street, NW Washington, DC 20009

Phone: (202) 319-2228


Details: The LAYC Career Academy is an innovative school that provides students with college courses, career preparation in the healthcare and information technology fields, and a rigorous and flexible GED​ program. ​Through a college preparatory curriculum, DC residents ages 16 to 24 can receive free education and training, internship, and career or college placement. LAYC Career Academy serves as a bridge between a high school and post secondary education where students can earn a GED (if needed) and the following: Become Medical Assistants – $30,000 starting salary and high demand from employers. Become A+ Certified Computer Hardware Technicians – $35,000 starting salary and high demand from employers. Begin their college education – Complete free college classes with the Community College of the District of Columbia and/or Bard College

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