Case Management

Our family support workers coordinate a range of services aimed at strengthening, preserving and supporting families. purestock_1574r-01694d.mediumServices include:
  • Initial assessment – A meeting to determine what needs that family has and what resources are in place to address those specific needs.
  • Creation of a case plan – The family is involved in developing a series of “next steps” in regards to moving forward in improving their situation.
  • Housing support – Assistance for families with a range of housing needs.
  • Home visits – As needed, a Family Support Worker meets with a family in their home for follow up.
  • Family Team Meetings – Our staff coordinate a gathering of family members, friends, community providers and other members of the family’s support network to make decisions and develop plans that would protect the children.
To receive these services you must meet one of the following requirements:
  1. Live in Ward 4 and be the parent or guardian of a child 18 or younger and/or;
  2. Be referred by the D.C. Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA).
Families can also be self- referred or referred by another public/private agency or a community member. Please contact our offices for more information.