The CEO Corner

Debra B. Gittens, Chief Executive Officer
Georgia Avenue Family Support Services

As CEO, I will strategically guide GAFSC’s growth, goal achievement, and business success.  I will foster an organization which demonstrates the ideal mix of culture, employee engagement, productivity and encourages staff to reach their full potential. Changing and positively impacting the lives of those in our community who need help the most will be measurably demonstrated through the achievement of a shared commitment by GAFSC leadership, staff, the board and our community partners.

This will be accomplished through an environment of service excellence, better understanding of our customers’ lived experiences, servant leadership and the realization of a sustainable future where there is continuous progress beyond the presence of any one individual. I will ensure that GAFSC’s work culture will be grounded in our core values and the organization will be viewed as an ideal place to seek support, to work and to volunteer.

I will lead GAFSC on the basis of transparency, with integrity and in the spirit of excellence.

Debra B. Gittens
Chief Executive Officer

How We Begin Our Journey Together…

We enter the new year, 2023, having already accomplished the following distinctions:

    • Expansion of our Family Rehousing and Stabilization Program (FRSP):
      • As a Legacy Provider, we were asked by Department of Human Services (DHS) to expand our program to serve twice as many client families in FY23 and beyond. Without hesitation, WE AGREED. This means GAFSC will provide case management, housing support, employment counseling and life skills training to 300 client families across the District, up from 150.

        To successfully accomplish this, GAFSC has recruited and ramped up our FRSP team with qualified staff from a total of 14 to 28 in just a few short months. We are excited to work towards the achievement of our new and extremely important service delivery goals, with committed leadership, dedicated staff and a strong team of individuals working effectively together.

    • The launch of DV Circles of Peace pilot program.
      • A Restorative Justice (RJ) program for adults sentenced to treatment for misdemeanor domestic violence (DV) crimes.
      • To reduce recidivism, address racial and cultural disparities, promote healthy outcomes, and meet the needs of those harmed.
      • To create the potential for transformative change across generations.

    • The GAFSC is a certified Naloxone (NARCON) distribution center that…
      • Operates to prevent opioid overdoses in DC
      • Employes 15 staff certified to distribute NARCAN
      • Offers a fully trained program staff educated in opioid abuse.

Strategies for Growth & Development

      • Elevate service quality and program innovation to successfully demonstrate measurable performance results and impact.
      • Grow and generate diverse revenue to achieve and maintain sustainability.
      • Raise the visibility and awareness of GAFSC.
      • Be the Employer of Choice