Why Are We Here?

The demand for GAFSC services continues to grow. GAFSC has helped give children and families in Ward 4 and throughout the District a wide array of programs and services since 1998. Ultimately, our aim is to give more individuals, children, youth, and families the opportunity to realize a better life and their dream of a life fulfilled.

Our DC Community Needs

  • GAFSC client populations include low-income families of color who struggle with inadequate housing, lack of and low income, joblessness, underemployment, insufficient or lack of adequate health care, domestic violence, and affordable quality childcare.

  • In 2021, GAFSC conducted a comprehensive Community Needs Assessment to better understand and respond to client and community need priorities.  Through this effort, we gained data that substantiated these critical needs/priorities:
  • Housing Conditions & NeedsLack of affordability, pending increased evictions, inability to pay utility bills, overcrowded living conditions, pest infestations, and gentrification-related matters


  • Workforce Development Lack of job & career support, work skills development needs, and lack of education and training


  • Impact of COVID-19—Concerns of economic impact, poor family relationships, including negative impacts disproportionately affecting Spanish language families, poor social/emotional wellbeing


  • Family & Community Safety—Neighborhood insecurity and concern about housing; Ward Level crime and violence; neighborhood crime that deters participation in after-school programs


  • Families’ Concerns for Their Children—Bullying, online safety of children; neighborhood-based bullying; domestic violence

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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  • The DC region has many strengths but also has deep inequities.  According to the Urban Institute, “People of Color in Greater DC have for centuries faced deliberately constructed barriers to opportunities others take for granted. This is one reason that white households have a net worth 81 times greater than that of black households and 21 times greater than that of Latino households”.


  • To further compound this, too many of our neighbors in Washington DC, lose their lives to substance use disorders. Far too often, these losses are related to opioids. According to  “LIVE.LONG.DC.,” Washington DC’s Strategic Plan to Reduce Opioid Use, Misuse, and Related Deaths, overall, 84% of all deaths were among African Americans. This trend has remained consistent across the years.

Why Your Gift Is Urgently Needed

Your gift will help GAFSC…

  • Continue to provide family enrichment activities that foster healthy relations between family members
  • Provide entrepreneurial training and development opportunities for youth
  • Meet local family emergency needs such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc.
  • Help families achieve stable housing and employment
  • Address mental health needs and emotional supports
  • Prevent Opioid overdoses through the GAFSC Naloxone (NARCAN) Distribution Center

Ways To Give



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