Get Active. Get Involved!

Every day, struggling families get help from GAFSC. Our diverse staff works with each family to identify their strengths and needs and connect them to community resources. This includes addressing the well-being of parents and children, providing for basic needs and helping the family navigate the complex social services system. Thousands of families have been given a fresh start at life through our programs and services since 1998.

You can help us do this life-changing work by:

  • Volunteer to lend a hand. Support our cause by providing needed help at special events and projects or support a family enrichment program activity.
  • Facilitate a workshop.  If you have a skill or interest (resume writing, journaling, relaxation techniques, interviewing skills, etc.) that you would like to share with our parents, we would love to hear from you.
  • Open up your space.  If you have a meeting room or facility where we can host community meetings, workshops or training, please consider allowing us to utilize your space.