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Build & Grow Individuals and Families in Our Community

The demand for GAFSC services continues to grow. GAFSC has helped give children and families in Ward 4 and throughout the District a wide array of programs and services since 1998. Ultimately, our aim is to give more individuals, children, youth, and families the opportunity to realize a better life and their dream of a life fulfilled.

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Giving Opportunities—Together, we can be the Hope that’s needed.

  • SUSO  Youth Programming

    The Show Up, Stand Out (SUSO) Program at GAFSC is a free service that helps students and their families that live and or attend our Ward 4 partnering schools reduce barriers to attending school every day on time.  SUSO believes in setting students up for success all year around so when school is out, we step up to continue their education and offer mini-camps. For our elementary students, we focus on bullying prevention and creating allies among elementary aged students.  For our middle school students, we reinforce healthy social and emotional connection and youth entrepreneurship.  Our Youth Entrepreneurs have created online stores and social media campaigns to educate the community about the dangers of Opioids. To continue to make an impact during out of school time, small donations or in kind goods will be greatly appreciated.

Domestic Violence—DV Circles of Peace DC Program

  • New York University’s Center on Violence and Recovery (NYU CVR) has entered into a partnership with the United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) in Washington, DC as well as the Georgia Avenue Family Support Collaborative (GAFSC), to establish an evidence-informed Restorative Justice (RJ) program for adults sentenced to treatment for misdemeanor domestic violence (DV) crimes. The purpose of this program is to reduce recidivism primarily related to DV crimes, to address racial and cultural disparities, to promote healthy outcomes for the parties involved, and to meet the self-identified needs of those harmed. A larger goal is to create the potential for transformative change, including the possibility of interrupting the cycle of violence across generations.

    To support the success of this program, GAFSC has identified various ways to reduce some of the barriers that participants often face, which can in turn impact the effectiveness of program implementation. Although we are able to minimally cover the basic needs of the program, funding support would be very beneficial to help us more adequately meet the following areas of need:

    • Transportation Support
    • Childcare
    • Community Volunteer Incentives
    • Victim Advocacy Support Services
    • Food for Post-treatment Fellowship
    • GAFSC Family Emergency Response Fund

      The GAFSC Family Emergency Response fund was originally established to provide financial assistance and support to families experiencing financial crises resulting from the impact of the COVID19 pandemic. Subsequently, GAFSC has continued to provide emergency financial assistance to families in Ward 4 experiencing a variety of financial hardships including, but not limited to, rental assistance, food assistance, utility assistance, transportation assistance, and emergency legal assistance. GAFSC recognizes this need may even be greater at this time as emergency mechanism put in place during the pandemic at the federal and local levels have diminished over time, therefore limiting other options available to families for needed support and assistance.

    • The GAFSC General Fund

      The GAFSC General Fund enables us to support needs identified by the community, including organizational priorities  (i.e., housing support, employment assistance, family enrichment, and organizational sustainability).

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