Naloxone (Narcan) Distribution

Georgia Avenue Family Support Collaborative (GAFSC) has been certified to manage and operate an Opioid Overdose Prevention Program through a Standing Order signed by Dr. Nancy Black, Interim Chief Medical Officer, Department of Behavioral Health (DBH).  This standing order permits GAFSC to distribute naloxone (Narcan) to clients/patients who are at high-risk of overdose or who are in relationship with those at high-risk of overdose. As such GAFSC retains a supply of naloxone in case of an overdose on-site. GAFSC is also certified to distribute naloxone at scheduled community outreach events and to distribute onsite to clients and other Ward 4 residents who come into the organization with a request for Naloxone. GAFSC has fifteen (15) staff who are trained and certified to distribute Naloxone on behalf of GAFSC. 

Naloxone is also available at no cost, without a prescription and no identification is necessary at more than 40 pharmacies or other distribution District-wide.

 For more information or to pick up one of these essential life savers, please contact us at (202) 722-1815, or visit our main office at 4420 Georgia Avenue, NW., WDC 20011.