Thank you, Karen, for Your Faithful & Diligent Service to our Community.

Jan 1, 2023 | Retirement

A very special thank you and sincere debt of gratitude goes to our GAFSC CEO/Founder, Karen Feinstein, who in 1994 recognized the need and opportunity to establish Georgia Avenue Family Support Collaborative in Ward 4.  For 24 years she  provided steadfast and outstanding leadership focused on providing DC citizens with services and programs most needed to make a positive impact on their lives.  As incoming CEO, I promise to not only continue this legacy, but to guide the organization’s continued growth and success toward achieving our mission, vision and the realization of truly making a difference in the lives of those who need help the most.

It is important to note that we cannot always control the physical state of our bodies. There are diseases and disorders that impact the body by way of means beyond our control. In knowing that, it is also essential for us to pay attention to the impact that our physical health has on our mental health. Living with a scary diagnosis, experiencing chronic pain, or noticing the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, can all lead to an undesirable state of mental well-being. Unfortunately, often by the time we notice the toll that has been taken, bringing ourselves out of that unhealthy space can become a daunting task to face.

One of the recommendations from many experts that seems to be helpful is to create a routine that supports a healthier state of overall well-being. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary or overly time-consuming. It just needs to work for you, and it needs to be incorporated into the flow of daily life, both intentionally and consistently.

Katrina Coates, CPO